Our Team

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Brett Doney, CEcD, SLCR, AICP
President & CEO
Cell (406) 750-2119
Brett is responsible for implementing GFDA’s strategic plan, marketing the Great Falls region, managing our staff team, and strengthening relationships with our investors and partners. He reports to the Board of Directors. Under GFDA’s management agreement with High Plains Financial, Brett also serves in a similar capacity for HPF and reports to its Board of Directors.
Jolene Schalper, CEcD
Vice President Business Development
Cell (406) 750-4481
Jolene is responsible for helping businesses grow and expand across the golden triangle and recruiting new businesses to our region.
Lillian Sunwall, CPP
Vice President Business Strategy
Cell (406) 750-1253
Lillian helps businesses sign up and secure government contracts through PTAC, clean up contaminated and hazardous sites and buildings through our Brownfield Program, and aids businesses in access additional grants and resources.
Jason Nitschke, MA, EDFP
Small Business Development Center
Cell (406) 750-0314
Small business and entrepreneurial development are important to the GFDA. Jason helps small businesses get financing for new projects, as well as give them counsel at no cost to them. He also helps entrepreneurs take their ideas to innovation.
Tyler Menzel
Marketing Associate/SBDC Business Advisor
Cell (406) 590-1539
Tyler oversees GFDA’s content marketing efforts. He also counsels small business owners to innovate their digital presence and marketing efforts.
Barnett G. Sporkin-Morrison
Food & Ag Development Center Director
Cell (406) 750-3285
Food & Ag are important to GFDA and the Golden Triangle. Barnett helps agriculture-based businesses to start, expand and succeed, as well as give them counsel at no cost to them. He also helps entrepreneurs to innovate within the alternative protein space.
Teresa Schreiner
Investment Director
Cell (406) 781-9499
As a public/private entity, investment is vital to the day-to-day operations of GFDA. Teresa works with our community partners to ensure that GFDA is able to carry out its mission through the securing of private investment.
Jill Kohles
Loan Officer
Cell (406) 590-1056
Jill is your got-to for business financing. She will ensure that every t is crossed and i dotted to get your deal moving forward!
Jana Williams
Accountant/Office Manager
Cell (406) 590-1044
Jana is responsible for office management as well as HR duties, Payroll, Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable and reconciliation of business credit cards and bank accounts.
Shannon Clancy
Government Contracting Advisor
Cell (406) 590-1184
Shannon helps businesses sign up and secure government contracts through PTAC.