Great Falls Childcare Market Demand Assessment

We are pleased to release the Great Falls Childcare Demand Assessment that the Great Falls Development Authority commissioned to help childcare operators gauge demand for additional childcare centers.

According to the study prepared by Camoin Associates, there is estimated childcare center demand for approximately 580 children in Great Falls.

There is strong interest and demand for a new childcare facility or facilities.

Desired features of a new childcare facility include

  • flexible arrangements;
  • quality staff;
  • educational programming; and
  • enhanced safety protocols.

Existing childcare facilities in Great Falls are at capacity and are experiencing very long wait lists. Great Falls was experiencing a shortage of childcare facilities prior to the COVID-19, but the pandemic has resulted in a severe shortage.

There is a need for childcare across a spectrum of income levels (price points). Demand for childcare is expected to grow. Adequate staffing and funding anticipated to be the most significant challenges to establishing new childcare facilities.

Our GFDA staff team and partners continue to provide business advising, training, gap financing, and other support to childcare providers in Great Falls and the surrounding trade area. We hope that this assessment will provide information that helps existing childcare providers and future providers in their efforts to serve the children and parents of our community.

We have some amazing childcare providers in Great Falls! They deserve and have earned our thanks and admiration. They need more than that however. Let’s put our heads together and see if we can figure out ways to create more high quality childcare for all of the children in our community.

Thank you to GFDA Investors for funding this study and for everyone who took the time to talk with the consultants and fill out the survey!

For help with childcare business operations or planning, please contact Jason Nitschke, our VP Small Business Development Center Director, or 406-750-0314, or Jolene Schalper, our SVP Business Development, or 406-750-4481.

Curious to see how these projects pencil out?For each of the vision projects we have project analysis that includes Project Descriptions, Cash Flow Projections, and Rent Roll Summaries.