COVID-19 Response

To protect our staff, volunteers, partners and clients, GFDA has cancelled all face to face group gatherings and business travel outside the Golden Triangle through the end of March. Whenever feasible, we will hold meetings and trainings by phone and/or video conference. 

We are taking precautions with all face to face interactions, and I encourage you to do the same. As the situation develops, we may extend this into April. As such, the team members present in the office in the coming weeks will be limited. However, we are working remotely and are eager to serve you. Please contact our team members directly. For a list of our team members click here.

Taking steps to help limit the spread of this virus is the first priority. Next, we will adapt our economic development plans to assist local businesses affected by economic disruptions.

We will get through this and continue to grow and strengthen our regional economy by being prudent, working together, and quickly adapting as needed.

Please contact our team any time if you hear of a local business needing help, or if you have any thoughts, concerns or ideas.

Curious to see how these projects pencil out?For each of the vision projects we have project analysis that includes Project Descriptions, Cash Flow Projections, and Rent Roll Summaries.