Growth in a community is not possible without city champions that are engaged in its success. Great Falls has unique benefits for all of its businesses and workers, but it’s not possible without these engaged community members and businesses.


Goals for the community cannot be met without both the mixed use of public and private funds. Goals we’re currently pursuing are:

  • Attracting at least 3 companies to our location every year
  • Continuous improvement in Great Falls’s strategic advantages, like the AgriTech Park
  • Making downtown and the Riverfront more attractive
  • Increase our industrial workforce

Dozens of area businesses, both large and small, have committed support for the growth of Great Falls. For the latest information on Great Falls,  check out the Growth Highlights.

With leadership from our champions, Great Falls can continue to thrive. To learn more about our investors, visit the Proven Region platform.

Join our current investors, and become a champion of Great Falls and help bring new money to the city, improve downtown, and increase our skilled workforce. Email Teresa Schreiner or call (406) 781-9499.