2020 Q1 Index

 1st Quarter 2020 Index

Square feet of North 40’s second Great Falls store opened during quarter:  120,000

Number of people employed at North 40’s two city stores:  200+

Number of businesses that presented projects at Ignite 2020:  21

Age of youngest entrepreneur to present at Ignite:  14

Number of people who made business pitches at first River Pitch Night:  22

Construction investment for Malmstrom AFB new weapons storage facility:  $237 million

Increase in record median prices of houses sold in Great Falls during 2019:  8%

Great Falls’ ranking in Montana for closing the gender pay gap:  1st

Great Falls’ rank for closing gender pay gap amongst nearly 1,000 U.S. cities:  88th

Great Falls rank for Best City in Montana for Singles:  1st

Military-linked students served by Great Falls Public Schools:  838

Number of quick-response COVID outreach phone discussions with local businesses GFDA held by end of quarter:  218

Number of businesspeople who logged in to view our Crisis Toolkit webinar live:  280

Great Falls MSA average annual wage increase 2018Q4-2019Q4:  3.1%

Average annual wage earnings increase:  $1,096

Consecutive quarters Great Falls MSA has experienced average annual wage growth:  24

Total wage growth in Great Falls MSA (Cascade County):  $52 million

Business retention and expansion outreach visits during quarter:  23

New leads generated into our pipeline during quarter:  38

New active projects generated into our pipeline:  22

New companies added to our pipeline CRM:  208

Number of Great Falls employment recruiters met with to kick off Talent Attraction initiative:  31

Number of followers on talent attraction Choose Great Falls social media platforms:  4,756

Great Falls building permit valuation issued during quarter:  $10,497,562

Downtown building permits issued during 2019Q4:  11

Total value of downtown permits:  $1,815,120

New downtown businesses opened during 2019Q4:  1

Downtown volunteer hours donated:  11,381

Number of local entrepreneurs and businesses coached by GFDA during quarter:  145

Of these, number of new coaching clients:  37

Number of business training sessions offered during quarter:  17

Number of training participants:  460

Number of businesses bought or started by coached clients during quarter:  4

New capital secured by entrepreneur clients during quarter:  $971,000

Government contracts won by clients during quarter:  $471,990

Jobs supported by our Small Business Development Center during quarter:  468

New rural county clients coached by our Small Business Development Center since adding a rural-based business advisor in October:  32

Professional development webinars we’ve produced that are available for entrepreneurs to view 24/7:  32

Amount of loans funded during quarter:  $1,159,000

Private investment leveraged by these loans:  $2,249,757

Loan commitments issued during quarter:  $494,647

Most recent SBA 504 effective loan rate fixed for 20 years:  2.955%

Government contracts awarded in Montana in 2019:  $9.2 billion

Number of prime awards:  80,775

People per square mile in United States:  92.9

In Cascade County:  30.2

In Montana:  7.3

Montana rank for best financially prepared state for a recession:  5th

Manufacturing companies in U.S. that say the arts helps to recruit and retain employees:  55%

Corporate executives who say availability of skilled labor is important in site selection:  92.3%

Site selection consultants who say skilled labor is important:  100%

Executives who say quality of life is an important factor:  82.2%

Executives who say shovel-ready pre-certified sites are important:  59%

Newspapers lost in U.S. since 2004:  1,800

Number of dailies lost:  62

Weeklies:  1,749

U.S. towns that are now “news deserts” devoid of local news media outlets:  1,300

Percent of 295,000 companies in U.S. that exported in 2015 that were small businesses:  97.6%

Percentage of cyberattacks that target small business:  43%

Percent of global gross domestic product lost to cyber theft each year:  1%

Amount lost:  $600 billion

Increase in number of amusement arcades in U.S. 2012-2017:  38%

Percent of U.S. restaurant interactions for pickup or delivery in 2019:  60%

Percent in 2016:  37%

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