2020 Q2 Index

 2nd Quarter 2020 Index

Size of Benefis Health System’s new Women’s and Children’s Center that broke ground during quarter: 48,000 square feet

New downtown market-rate apartments in The Crossing at Milwaukee Depot project: 83

Great Falls rank amongst best cities in the Western U.S. to live in after the pandemic: 10th

Great Falls rank for most budget friendly Montana city for homeowners for a mortgage: 2nd

Great Falls ranking in Montana for budget-friendliness for renters: 2nd

Great Falls rank in least vulnerable MSA in Montana to job loss resulting from COVID-19: 1st

Great Falls rank for Most Patriotic Community in Montana: 1st

Consecutive quarters that average annual wages increased in Great Falls MSA through 2020Q1: 25

Increase in average annual wage over previous 12 months: $1,602

Average annual wage growth in Cascade County in 12 months ending 2020Q1: 3.9%

Montana average: 3.0%

National average: 2.4%

Total wages earned increase in Cascade County during 12 months ending 2020Q1: $58 million

Increase in local average annual wage earnings above inflation in past six years: $5,090

Personal income growth in Great Falls MSA in 2018: $184 million or 5.0%

Quick-response COVID outreach phone discussions with local businesses GFDA held during quarter: 647

New leads generated into our pipeline during quarter: 33

New active projects generated into our pipeline: 46

New companies added to our pipeline CRM: 553

Downtown building permits issued during 2020Q1: 10

Total value of downtown permits: $2,011,400

Outreach to businesses and property owners in Downtown Great Falls during 2nd quarter: 83

New downtown businesses opened during quarter: 4

Downtown announcements: 2

Active downtown projects: 27

Downtown businesses seeking expansion: 9

Target businesses/developers identified to try to attract downtown: 20

Number of local entrepreneurs and businesses coached by GFDA during quarter: 176

Of these, number of new coaching clients: 53

Number of business training sessions offered during quarter: 19

Number of training participants: 272

Number of businesses bought or started by coached clients during quarter: 6

New capital secured by entrepreneur clients during quarter: $2,234,986

Government contracts won by clients during quarter: $1,250,180

Amount of loans funded during quarter: $653,147

Private investment leveraged by these loans: $800,329

Loan commitments issued during quarter: $318,837

Loan deferments granted: 10

Brownfield cleanup grants awarded: $201,225

Free Brownfield assessments provided: 2

Most recent SBA 504 effective loan rate fixed for 20 years: 2.341%

Percentage of young Americans considering relocation to less-populated cities since start of COVID shutdowns: 30%

Number of followers already on new LiveInGreatFalls social media accounts: 4,992

Number of unique page views in first month of LiveInGreatFalls.com talent relocation website: 2,521

Doing Business in the Golden Triangle and announcement videos produced during quarter: 11

Number of consecutive fiscal years GFDA has managed to squeeze out positive net income: 10

Number of community volunteers serving on GFDA boards and committees: 65

Percentage of Montanans who reported having volunteered in the past 12 months: 35%

National average: 28%

Montana rank for Most Business-Friendly State in COVID-19 Era: 1st

Food and value-added ag clients GFDA assisted in FY 2020: 37

Growth in U.S. consumption of pulses and dry beans during COVID-19: 40%

Expected 2020 Montana wheat harvest: 199.41 million bushels

Loaves of bread this wheat could make for every Montanan: 7,800

New wind energy generation projected to be built in U.S. over next decade: 112 gigawatts

Montana rank amongst U.S. states for beer consumption per capita: 2nd

GFDA COVID Response to Date

Business toolkits and white papers published: 6

New training courses launched: 2

Time sensitive business resource eblasts: 48

Virtual webinars and meetups: 34

Loans to local businesses: $933,147

Additional loan commitments issued: $318,837

For info contact Jolene Schalper at JSchalper@GrowGreatFalls.org or 1-406-750-4481 or Brett Doney at BDoney@GrowGreatFalls.org or 1-406-750-2119