2021 Q1 Index

1st Quarter 2021 Index

Great Falls jobs projected to be created by Touro Montana Osteopathic Medical School: 360

Projected employment growth across Montana by 2040: 1,700

Capital investment to complete school construction in 2024: $53 million

Faculty and staff: 70

Total annual compensation of School employees: $11.7 million

Medical student class size: 125

Medical student population in third year of operations: 375

Projected local spending per student per year, not including tuition: $31,224

Annual economic impact created by Medical School by 2030: $106.3 million

Population growth projected by 2030 as a result of Medical School: 481
By 2040: 1,984

Great Falls rank as best city nationwide for first-time homebuyers: 4th

Great Falls rank of best cities in Western U.S. to live in after the pandemic: 10th

Number of 2021 Great American Defense Communities in nation: 5
Number in Montana: 1 (Great Falls!)

Montana places named in New York Times’ 52 global locations to love in 2021: 1 (Golden Triangle)

Montana bars named one of five most extraordinary bars in the world: 1 (Sip ‘N Dip)

Number of entrepreneurs and developers who presented planned investments at Ignite 2021: 20

Number of high school entrepreneurs in Golden Triangle who won prizes in Montana Chamber Foundation’s The Prospects competition: 6

Cost of living in Great Falls compared to national average: 89.5%
Spokane cost of living: 106.9%
Bozeman cost of living: 108.6%
Seattle cost of living: 156.0%
San Francisco cost of living: 192.3%

Average wage increase in Great Falls MSA 2019Q3-2020Q3: 3.4%

Dollar amount of average wage increase: $1,438

Number of local entrepreneurs and businesses coached [TM1] by GFDA during quarter: 206
Of these, number of new coaching [TM2] clients: 54

Number of business training sessions offered during quarter: 13

Number of training participants: 350

Number of businesses bought or started by coached clients during quarter: 2

New capital secured by entrepreneur clients during quarter: $228,177

Government contracts won by clients during quarter: $9,044,941

Jobs supported by our Small Business Development Center during quarter: 694

GFDA-produced professional development business webinars now available online 24/7: 44

Most recent SBA 504 effective loan rate fixed for 20 years: 3.016%

Businesses active with our Procurement Technical Assistance Center during quarter: 120

Amount of local business loans closed during quarter: $1,500,000

Amount of loans we approved during quarter: $3,030,170

New businesses opened in downtown Great Falls during quarter: 2

Number of new businesses opened in downtown Great Falls in 2020: 20

Downtown project announcements during quarter: 2

Downtown business retention/expansion visits during quarter: 19

Downtown businesses working on expansions: 17

Downtown target businesses contacted during quarter: 24

Downtown target meetings during quarter: 6

Free Brownfield assessments in progress: 6

New leads generated into our pipeline during quarter: 66

New active projects generated into our pipeline: 33

Total active projects this quarter: 51

New companies added to our pipeline CRM: 232

Companies actively engaged this quarter: 122

Number of followers of Live in Great Falls social mediums: 5,716

Number of visitors to Live in Great Falls relocation website to date: 12,511

Facebook views of our first talent attraction video in 24 hours of release: 11,000+
Views to date: 37,000+

Great Falls commercial building permits issued during quarter: 29

Great Falls commercial building permit value: $4,082,578

Montana rank of best states to start a small business: 1st
Montana rank as best state for physicians: 1st
Montana rank of least selfish states: 4th
Montana rank of least stressed states: 9th

Number of short-term rentals in Golden Triangle: 589

New electric generating capacity in U.S. in 2021 projected to come from wind and solar: 70%

Utility-scale solar power additions projected this year in U.S.: 15.4 gigawatts

Wind power additions projected this year in U.S.: 12 gigawatts

Percentage of this investment that will take advantage of Montana wind and sun resources: ?

For info contact Jolene Schalper at JSchalper@GrowGreatFalls.org or 1-406-750-4481