SBA 504 Loans

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Montana SBA 504 Lender

High Plains Financial is a certified SBA Community Development Corporation affiliated with the Great Falls Development Authority, Montana’s only Community Development Financial Institution and internationally accredited economic development organization.

Effective Interest Rates

25 Year SBA 504 5.117
20 Year SBA 504 5.057
10 Year SBA 504 4.922
25 Year Refi SBA 504 5.130
20 Year Refi SBA 504 5.071

The interest rates presented above are the effective rates and are inclusive of all fees. Interest rates are fixed for the life of the loan.

Why an SBA 504?

  • Lower down payment – between 10-20% depending on the project.
  • Fixed interest rate for 10-25 years, depending on the project.
  • Allows businesses to preserve cash for operations

What can you use an SBA 504 for?

  • Buy, build, or renovate commercial real estate.
  • Purchase machinery or equipment.
  • Debt refinance (for commercial estate & equipment).
  • Professional fees & interim financing costs can be financed.

Is it a good fit?

  • The business is for-profit.
  • The business is valued at less than $15 million and the business has an after-tax profit of less than $5 million a year over the average of two years.
  • The business owner will occupy 51% or more of commercial real estate that is being renovated or purchased.
  • The business owner will occupy 60% or more of commercial real estate that is being built (80% within 3 years after loan closing and 100% within 10 years).
  • Individuals that own 20% or more of the company are willing to act as personal guarantors.

The Process

  • Borrower works with the bank and our team to determine if a project is eligible.
  • Once the bank has approval and our board has approved the loan it is sent to SBA for Authorization.
  • Closing and project funding is completed with the bank partner.
  • Construction and renovation is completed.
  • Business moves into property.
  • 504 loan goes to closing.
  • Bank is paid down on interim loan and 504 interest rate is locked for the life of the loan.
  • Our team provides ongoing assistance for the borrower.

Featured Success Stories

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Senior Vice President, Business Development
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Loan Officer
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Curious to see how these projects pencil out?For each of the vision projects we have project analysis that includes Project Descriptions, Cash Flow Projections, and Rent Roll Summaries.