Growing My Business During a Pandemic

Extraordinary challenges require innovative solutions. How do you grow and engage your customers?

The retail industry is driven by the unpredictability of future customer behavior. In this one-hour workshop with internationally known speaker and authority to the retail, consumer, tourism and hospitality industries, Barbara Wold, we will cover:

  • New trends in business as a direct result of the pandemic
  • Lessons and case studies bonded by Covid-19 and consumer behavior
  • Impact of consumer behavior on masterplanning, product and service offerings

In addition to the one-hour workshop, we are also offering FREE one-on-one consultations with Barbara Wold for businesses seeking guidance specific to their business. 

These one-on-one consultations are being scheduled on a first come, first served basis until full.

If you have questions, or are having difficulty registering, contact Nathan Reiff at or call (406) 403-4937.

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How to Survive in an Amazon – COVID – World

There’s no way around it—the past year has been rough for retail. It’s about a little company in Seattle called Amazon, which is steadily eating the world of retail. And when I say eating, I mean in one bite.

Download our Top Takeaways from this presentation.

What does the future hold for retailers large and small? The tea leaves point to three major developments.

  • Changing demographics are a key driver here
  • Enhanced retail experiences and the journey
  • Understanding, and designing to support the customers’ behavior

Getting Your Community to Shop Local

Which kinds of shopper experiences create trust, and what falls short in terms of customer expectations.

Win consumers over and gain their trust by anticipating their behavior, preferences and engaging on the consumers’ terms. If they can do this, they have the opportunity to develop a new generation of brand fanatics and harness the influence of today’s dynamic and empowered consumer.

  • Customer satisfaction is worthless – customer loyalty is priceless
  • Short-term & long-term strategies for gaining & keeping customers
  • Improve your bottom line — effective customer-driven strategies

Set-up the Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) is the sum of all experiences at various touch points a customer has with a supplier of goods and/or services over the duration of their relationship with that supplier.

The sales and customer service experience begins when a customer picks up the phone or walks in the door.

Customers scrutinize how they are treated after the sale as much as they evaluate a business while making the decision to buy. They are closely watching how every situation is handled, especially the difficult ones.

  • Each team member is an extension of the sales and customer experience
  • Develop a team with a “no matter what it takes” attitude

Move Customer and Tourist to Advocates

From Mere Satisfaction to Real Advocacy

I have an issue with the word “satisfaction”. Since when is being “satisfied” a good thing? It’s a mediocre achievement. You want ecstatically happy customers, evangelists and zealots that tell you everything they love. You want passion – not satisfaction, especially in todays’ retail environment. Gain from customer feedback. As a small business owner you rely on word of mouth marketing — do you want just “satisfied” customers?

By being able to move customers from being simply satisfied to delighted, then to advocacy — the benefits are enormous.

Learn More About Barbara Wold

Barbara Wold is an internationally known speaker and authority to the retail, consumer, tourism and hospitality industries. Barbara is an authority on building business through customer driven strategy and maximizing assets.

Her areas of expertise include customer experience, marketing strategy, consumer buying patterns, building business relationships, redevelopment and tourism, which truly make Wold a master.

Ms Wold is a highly polished speaker, her presentations are dynamic, content rich, humorous and to the point. She has the ability to captivate audiences with her stories, as she inspires, motivates and educates. Barbara’s thought-provoking ideas will renew your group’s enthusiasm while keeping your organization motivated and enlightened long after she’s left the floor.

With Barbara Wold, you’ll never get a canned presentation. She researches your distinctive organization, then custom-creates a presentation to address your every need. Whether you need a keynote presentation, a three-hour workshop, or a day long, roll up your sleeves kind of session, you need Barbara Wold.

Barbara also works with many downtowns and cities that are going through revitalization in an effort to boost their economic viability. She helps them understand that as the composition of American households continue to shift, so will the mix of retail, in order to succeed and connect to neighboring communities. Ms Wold also works with airport revenue, the airlines, duty-free, state tourism conventions and travel professionals.

In an average year Ms Wold presents over 50 speeches around the globe and has “WOWED” over 950,000+ people from over twenty countries. Barbara is also a representative for the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC).

Barbara never speaks behind a podium, never bores an audience, she is funny, inspiring and a great storyteller. Plus, she always shows your attendees an entirely new way to do businesses that no other speaker has ever shown them.

Curious to see how these projects pencil out?For each of the vision projects we have project analysis that includes Project Descriptions, Cash Flow Projections, and Rent Roll Summaries.