4th Quarter 2018 Index

Number of entrepreneurs, developers and organizations that presented investments planned for 2019 at Ignite Great Falls:  17

Increase in Great Falls MSA total wage earnings in 2018Q3 compared to 2017Q3:  2.59%

Increase over previous 4 quarters:  $39 million

Employment growth in 2018Q3 over 2017Q3 in Great Falls MSA:  2.4%

In Montana:  2.1%

In United States:  2.2%

Number of homes planned in NeighborWorks Great Falls’ Meriwether subdivision: 83

Number of commercial lots available in new riverfront Buffalo Crossing subdivision: 6

City building permits issued during quarter: $21,291,539

Number of new businesses opened in downtown Great Falls during 2018Q3:  5

Downtown building permits issued during 2018Q3: 23

2017 per capita income growth in Great Falls MSA: 3.91%

In Montana:  3.04%

In nation:  3.67%

Great Falls MSA 2017 increase in per capita income: $1,730

Total Great Falls increase:  $148.6 million

Meetings with site selection consultants at Winter Consultant Forum:  24

Number of GFDA out of state business development trips during quarter:  3

Number of local business outreach visits during quarter:  46

Number of local entrepreneurs and businesses coached by GFDA during quarter:  97

Of these, number of new coaching clients: 26

Number of business training sessions offered during quarter:  10

Number of training participants:  73

Number of businesses started or bought by coached clients during quarter:  3

Jobs supported by our Small Business Development Center this quarter:  177

New capital secured by entrepreneur clients during quarter:  $668,800

Capital secured by entrepreneur clients during 2018: $5,069,422

Government contracts won by small business clients during quarter:  $327,702

GFDA gap and bridge loans closed during quarter:  $352,000

Private investment leveraged by these loans:  $631,366

Number of loans made from our Centene MicroBusiness Loan Fund since its inception:  15

Total amount of loans:  $1,125,932

Additional capital leveraged by these loans:  $87,274,298

New businesses made possible by these loans:  13

Full time jobs created:  122

Construction jobs:  322

Number of loans made to women-owned businesses:  7

Number of loans made in low-income census tracts:  4

Placement rate for Great Falls College MSU Dental Hygienist graduates: 100%

Average pay for graduates:  $51,415

Number of students in Lethbridge College’s Ag Entrepreneur in Residence program:  54

Articles in targeted industry media resulting from GFDA public relations efforts in 2018:  34

Online readership:  149 million

Circulation:  4.02 million

Estimated coverage views:  221,000

Acres of industrial hemp planted in Montana in 2018:  22,000

Number of Montana farmers planting industrial hemp: 56

Percentage of U.S. workforce that will be 55+ by 2024: 25%

Percentage that will be 16-24:  11%

Gen Z percentage of U.S. population:  25%

Gen Z workers who say a company’s technological sophistication impacts whether they want to work there:  90%

Percent who look for collaboration and socialization at work:  68%

Who say work and life balance is important in choosing an employer:  55%

Who want leadership to sit in immediate proximity to them:  50%

Hours per day Gen Z spend absorbing some form of media:  6-9

Prediction of percentage of commercial real estate that will be coworking space by 2030:  30%

Square feet of GFDA’s old office:  3,651

Square feet of our new office:  2,562

Percent of GFDA staff now working remotely or in coworking space:  55%

Transatlantic Business & Investment Council member communities:  116

Member communities in Rocky Mountain region:  2

Members in Montana:  1 (GFDA)

Americans who finished high school before the 1911 High School Movement:  10%

Percent who finished by 1950:  80%

Estimated jobs in world to be displaced by machines and algorithms between now and 2022:  75 million

Estimated new jobs to be created by automation technologies:  133 million

What the next revolution in education and workforce training will bring:  ???

For info contact Jolene Schalper at JSchalper@GFdevelopment.org or 1-406-750-4481 or Brett Doney at BDoney@GFdevelopment.org or 1-406-750-2119


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