Montana Mutt Takes all-natural dog treats to a whole new level

Kimberley Winchell
Montana Mutt

Kimberley Winchell owns Montana Mutt in Cut Bank. Montana Mutt specializes in all natural dog treats, snout, and paw balm. The inspiration for the first recipe we ever had was baking with my daughter on Christmas Day,” said Kimberley.

Kimberley noticed a need for all-natural dog treats perfected one recipe at a time. “I had no plan in mind. I had no business plan. We started working with GFDA and Small Business Advisor Rich Gannon specifically 6 months in. The Etsy page I had was going well, but I wanted to have something that was Montana Mutts alone and knowing that we had a local resource through GFDA we were able to get a website built. I wouldn’t have known how to do that. He knew the language of the platform, offered a free class to me and other small businesses owners and through that class and through some amazing one on one time that was invaluable we have beautiful website that continually brings orders in.

Five years later Montana Mutt sells products in 31 stores throughout Montana, Utah, and Idaho. Rich and GFDA meet me where I am at, and I am extremely grateful.”

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