Top 10 – 1/6/2019

GFDA Top 5 Predictions & Top 5 Resolutions for 2019

Here is our special Top 10 to kick off the new year, 5 predictions of what is going to happen in 2019 and 5 resolutions for our economic development work.


1) Exciting new business openings and real estate developments in downtown Great Falls and along our urban riverfront will increase this year.

2) Great Falls and our rural trade area will see a surge of entrepreneurial startups and business expansions.

3) Manufacturing, particularly in agri-processing and energy, will further expand this year, creating opportunities across the region.

4) Commercial investment, filling vacant spaces and new construction, will continue apace across Great Falls. Tourism will continue to expand.

5) Significant progress will be made on key community improvements that make us more and more competitive for attracting investment and talent.

Economic Development Resolutions

1) Let Great Falls be Great Falls.
Our wonderful city was founded as an industrial hub and service center for a large agricultural region. Along the way we were lucky to become a proud Air Force town, and develop into a center for the arts and a basecamp for tourism and recreation. A number of companies found that we are strategically located as a center to serve Montana and the I-15 CanaMex Corridor. Building on these assets — these strengths — attracts private investment that builds our tax base and creates higher wage jobs.

2) Focus on the Doers.
We love to work with entrepreneurs, businesses, developers and partners who take action. Doers create the positive actions that grow our economy, improve our competitiveness and create economic opportunity.

3) Put our Entire Team on the Field.
Economic development is a team sport. Even the smallest deal involves numerous businesses and agencies. Successful communities understand that the more players working together on your team, the more success you have.

4) Be faster, more creative, more aggressive and more focused.
We need to keep beating expectations and raising the bar ever higher. We’re HUNGRY!

5) Celebrate every Success.
Results matter! We strive to help our clients and partners to make things happen that otherwise would not. Celebrating their successes, and our community’s and region’s successes, is key to keeping our momentum moving forward.

Welcome the rodeo to town at the free Rodeo Mixer and Cowboy Auction this Thursday, January 10th, 5 PM at the Heritage Inn, celebrating the 40th Montana PRCA Circuit Finals.

Ignite Great Falls 2019 will be this Friday, January 11, 7:30-10:30 AM at the Meadowlark Country Club. Ignite Great Falls 2019 is an excellent opportunity to gain insight on the year ahead. The format is simple and quick – five minute presentations on business startups, business expansions, real estate developments and institutional capital projects that will either start or open in 2019. Due to limited seating, registration is required. Register for Ignite here.

Spread the word! Great Falls Tourism has a new position opening for a Content & Social Media Director.

We are HUNGRY to Grow the Great Falls regional economy, create higher wage jobs, build our tax base, improve our market competitiveness, and enhance the quality of life and economic opportunity for residents of Great Falls, Cascade County, and the entire 13-county Great Falls trade area.

Let’s work together to make 2019 the best year ever for Great Falls and our entire Golden Triangle trade area!


Brett Doney
President & CEO

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