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GFDA has tools to help you recruit the high-quality talent your business needs to succeed.

We know recruiting excellent, committed employees has its challenges. As an employer, you sell your company and your work to potential job candidates. We can help you sell the location – our great community in Great Falls and surrounding region.

We have the tools to help employers highlight the best of living, working and playing in Great Falls.

Live in Great Falls Relocation Website is a one-stop-shop for everything a person considering a move to Great Falls would want to know.

  • Include in your job postings both internally and externally on Indeed, Google, Glassdoor, etc.
  • Share with candidates and potential candidates to show them what Great Falls has to offer.

Trailing Partner Email Group

Have you ever offered a position to a star candidate who didn’t end up relocating because their significant other couldn’t find meaningful work in Great Falls?

Never again with the Trailing Partner Email Group!

Submit your name and email on the Employer Resources page of the website to opt-in to this email group – allowing you to share resumes of trailing partners of candidates you’re hiring with other local employers. The email group gives other employers an opportunity to add to their team, and you a chance to receive resumes of high-quality applicants looking for jobs in our market. It’s a win-win.

  • Share “trailing spouse/partner” resumes.
  • Share resumes of workers for whom your company doesn’t currently have an open position available.
  • Receive resumes of potential candidates who could be a star employeeS at your company.

Hot Jobs

Are you hiring for a job that is either high-skill, high-salary or an out-of-the-box/unique/creative position for which someone would pack their bags and relocate?

If so, use this form to submit your job to the next Hot Jobs in Great Falls Blog and ‘Live in Great Falls’ FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn accounts.

Great Falls Livability Magazine

Share this magazine with recruits to show them the greatness of Great Falls. This tool highlights all the best of living, working and playing in Great Falls: healthcare, education, housing, low cost of living, recreation, food & drink options and more!


JobsEQ for Workforce is a software tool that provides timely data on our local workforce and employers—including demographics, occupations, wages, certifications, and more. Give your company the competitive edge by knowing the ins-and-outs of the workforce in and around the Great Falls trade area.

Get connected with a JobsEQ-trained Business Advisor today!

Free Access to Local Photos and Videos

Candidates like to see high-quality visuals on employer websites and marketing platforms when looking for new job opportunities. We’re sharing access to an extensive collection of high-quality photography and videography of the Great Falls trade area.

Where to use:

  • Website
  • Social media, blogs and other digital marketing
  • Email newsletters
  • Job postings, job description packets or job fair packets

We’re always looking to expand our library; reach out if you have photos or videos that you’d be willing to let us share with other employers!

Study up on the Labor Market

Knowing our labor market is key to attracting the right employees with the appropriate wages and benefits.

  • GFDA also has several online tools for use by regional businesses, including JobsEQ, SizeUp,  and more reports:

Connect with a GFDA Business Advisor for access to these great tools!

Live in Great Falls Marketing Videos

We have a collection of professionally filmed and edited marketing videos for employers to use in their talent attraction efforts.

These videos follow “Day in the Life” narratives of those who have relocated to Great Falls and are living their best life here.

We encourage employers to:

  • Share video(s) with candidates and potential candidates to show them what their life in Great Falls could be.