Talent Attraction and Recruitment

We have tools and resources to help you recruit the high-quality talent your business needs to succeed.

Recruiting great employees is a point of concern for businesses and corporations throughout small- and mid-sized American cities. The Great Falls Development Authority recognizes the need for effectively communicating the benefits of living, working and playing in Great Falls to job candidates and potential job candidates.

We encourage recruiters to use the following tools and resources:

Livability Magazine: This digital and print magazine is a tool to aid recruiters and HR professionals in their recruitment efforts – share with recruits to show them the greatness of Great Falls! The magazine highlights all the best of living, working and playing in Great Falls: healthcare, education, housing, low cost of living, recreation, food & drink options and more! Check it out here or contact Soren below for print copies.

Live In Great Falls Website: LiveInGreatFalls.com is a one-stop-shop for everything a person considering relocating to Great Falls would want to know. Users can browse real estate options, schools, company career pages and more, and learn about cost of living, the Great Falls lifestyle, health & safety, and our awesome community!

Great Falls At-A-Glance: Have you ever needed a short and effective resource to quickly highlight Great Falls “at-a-glance”? Made with Real Estate agents and brokers in mind, this two-page PDF sums up Great Falls in two easy-to-read pages for anyone considering a move here. Share this, then follow up with a link to LiveInGreatFalls.com.

Call Great Falls: If you have a star candidate who is concerned about relocating to Great Falls, let us talk to them! We can answer burning questions about living, working and playing in our community. Email or call GFDA’s Talent Attraction Director Soren Chargois for more information.


Great Falls Champions: Consider becoming an ambassador of the Great Falls, Montana brand! Join our digital social ambassador program, Great Falls Champions, and we’ll email you great content to share with your networks.

Attend Events: GFDA hosts events year round to engage Great Falls employers in a conversation about recruitment, retention and workforce development. Join us for our “Get Back to Great Falls” events, roundtable discussions, pitch nights and more. See the Calendar for more.

Study up: Knowing your labor market is key to attracting the right employees with the right wages and benefits. GFDA has commissioned two key reports on the workforce in Great Falls: The 2017 Labor Supply report was prepared by Chmura Economics & Analysis and the Labor Demand Certification report by GSG. DCI’s Talent Wars uses real data to answer questions like, “What motivates relocation?” and “How does talent learn about new job opportunities and communities?”. GFDA also has several online tools for use by Golden Triangle businesses, including JobsEQ, SizeUp, GIS Planning and more reports.

Contact Soren to discuss your company’s talent attraction efforts – she is eager to connect!

Soren Chargois
[Talent Attraction Director]
(406) 836-0147